Drug & Alcohol Testing:

Family Law

Family Law

In addition to our workplace testing solutions, we also support over 14,000 solicitors and local authorities across the UK with drug and alcohol testing for family law and child custody proceedings.

Lextox Drug & Alcohol Testing, SYNLAB Laboratory Services’ sister company and a member of the SYNLAB Group, provides a wide range of services. These include hair drug and alcohol testing, blood alcohol testing, DNA testing and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing.

In addition, Lextox also offers Expert Reports which provide an interpretation of the results to help you understand what the results mean. Lextox’s own laboratory team, with over 50 years combined experience, write the reports. Their expert witnesses can attend court to explain the testing results, the sample analysis and chain of custody. The team are able to provide sound forensic toxicology advice for individual client cases and are Bond Solon trained.

Why Choose Lextox:
  • A dedicated Client Support Team will prepare detailed quotations, arrange sample collection appointments and provide progress updates.
  • Sample collection appointments can be arranged immediately and Lextox usually collect the sample within 48 hours.
  • Lextox provides legally defensible hair analysis results and Expert Reports, accepted in every UK family court, written by our own team of laboratory based experts with over 100 years’ combined experience
  • Lextox has an experienced laboratory based team of expert witnesses in the UK and their experts are available to discuss results and answer client questions clearly and promptly.
  • Lextox costs are in accordance with Legal Aid Agency codified rates and we work with solicitors and local authorities to ensure the claim process is managed efficiently.

To find out more about our services for family law, you can visit the Lextox website, send them an email; [email protected] or call their dedicated client support team on 029 2048 4141.

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