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The misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace can have a highly detrimental effect, on your employees and on the wider organisation. We can assist your organisation with your commitment to safe working practice with our drug and alcohol testing solutions.

A robust drug and alcohol policy allows you to effectively manage the risks imposed by substance misuse within the workplace. Just like other policies operated within your organisation, will outline the commitment to safe working practices. Many employers adopt drug and alcohol testing as part of their policy. Whilst testing is a deterrent, testing alone will never be the complete answer to problems caused by substance misuse. Therefore, we recommend that testing be accompanied by appropriate training, education and support.

Our Process

After extensive consultation with major trade unions, we have developed a 6 stage process for the implementation of a successful drug and alcohol policy.

  1. Assess the risk to your organisation from drug and alcohol misuse and evaluate your current resources, attitudes and cultures.
  2. Consult with key stakeholders within your organisation to develop and publicise a corporate drug and alcohol policy*.
  3. Develop a programme of awareness and training for all employees and encourage anyone within the organisation with problems to seek help.
  4. Further consult with key stakeholders to develop procedures for testing.
  5. Implement the policy following an amnesty period and arrange focused management training.
  6. Monitoring your policy and procedures using Key Performance Indicators.

*SYNLAB Laboratory Services does not provide legal advice to its customers or donors of samples. Our customers and any donors should seek the advice of specialist legal advisors in connection with drug and alcohol testing including with regards to the development and enforcement of any organisational and/or employer policies. SYNLAB Laboratory Services offers its services in compliance with laws in the UK. It is our customer’s own responsibility to comply with all laws applicable to them and the operation of their business. This is including but not limited to, the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR (EU) 2016/679 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as well as all relevant employment laws. 

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