Drug & Alcohol Testing:

When to Instruct Testing

When to Instruct Testing

One of the key factors for an organisation to provide a safe and healthy working environment, is to ensure that employees do not misuse drugs or alcohol, nor are exposed to the consequences of misuse by others. You can do so by implementing an effective drug and alcohol testing programme. This can act as a deterrent to the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and also increases corporate responsibility.

Deciding when to instruct testing is dependent on your organisations needs. We are able to assist you with the following testing:

Random Testing

The impartial, random selection of employees to be drug and alcohol tested throughout the year reduces the risk of accidents due to drug and alcohol abuse. As a trusted expert partner, SYNLAB Laboratory Services offers all clients a random testing management program free of charge. Tailored to your organisation’s needs, let us manage the testing process so you don’t have to.

‘For Cause’ Testing

At SYNLAB Laboratory Services we define a ‘For Cause’ collection or testing as follows:

Post Accident/Incident: Testing those involved in accidents/incidents following on from them to eliminate the suspicion of drugs and/or alcohol from proceedings.
Reasonable Suspicion: When behaviour and/or observations indicate substance misuse including the discovery of illegal substances, paraphernalia or empty alcohol containers.

Pre-employment Testing

Ensuring the safety and reliability of your workforce is of paramount importance. Using drug and alcohol testing either as part of you pre-employment checks or during their probation period, ensures you have reliable staffs that are free from the effects of drugs and alcohol on site.

*Both Random and pre-employment require at least 48 hours’ notice.

On-going/Periodic Monitoring

Any employee who has previously and voluntarily come forward and admits to having a drug and/or alcohol problem may be regularly tested over a 12 month period as part a rehabilitation process.

If you would like to find out more about when you can test and how, read our blog on ‘Your Testing Options Explained’ to find out more. Alternatively, you can contact us direct for more information.

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