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Safeguard Digital: Our Digital Collection Service

Safeguard Digital
Our Digital Collection Service

When conducting drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, a seamless and efficient collection service is always an advantage to the process. To support this, we launched Safeguard Digital, a tablet-based platform for digital drug and alcohol collections used by our national Collection Service.

Our Safeguard Digital platform forms part of our rigorous collection process. Our Collection Technicians use it to document the collection process from start to finish.

Safeguard Digital was developed as part of our innovation pipeline, and highlights our commitment to continually invest in new technologies to improve communication and efficiency throughout our business.

We are the only drug and alcohol testing supplier to offer Safeguard Digital as part of our sample collection process.

Benefits of Safeguard Digital:

  • Records the same data as our previous paper collection process and Chain of Custody forms.
  • It’s environmentally friendly! Reduces 250,000 pieces of paper from our collection process each year.
  • Improved repeatability and consistency of the collection procedure.
  • Creates one streamlined collection process and can be tracked from our laboratory.
  • Supports the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it ensures only the right nominated contacts have access to donor personal data and analysis results

Our impartial, professionally trained Collection Technicians use our Safeguard Digital process for all drug and alcohol sample collections. Providing you with the confidence of a compliant, end to end solution to support your business’ needs.

Did You Know… 

SYNLAB Laboratory Services’ national Collection Service has ISO 17025 accreditation from UKAS for the chain of custody part of our urine and saliva drug and alcohol collections.

Our accrediting body UKAS have supported our adoption of Safeguard Digital, as it further supports our already robust collection process.

To learn more about our digital collection process; Safeguard Digital, please contact us!

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