Drug & Alcohol Testing:

Providing a Safe and Reliable Service

Published: 11th June 2020

Since the United Kingdom entered lockdown on 23rd March, organisations and individuals have had to overcome new challenges to be able to continue to work safely.

At SYNLAB Laboratory Services we have remained fully operational during this difficult period. Over the last two months our Collections Team have taken over 1,900 calls and collected over 1,100 drug and alcohol samples, and our Customer Service team have supported customers with over 1,200 queries.

As schools re-open and more of the UK returns to work, we wanted to share details of what we have implemented to continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect – while keeping our team, customers and donors safe.


Our sample collection process was fully reviewed with our Chief Medical Officer and Senior Toxicologists and we made a number of changes in response to COVID-19. Our Collection Technicians were issued with the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including aprons, gloves and goggles to collect samples safely.

Since the beginning of lockdown 1,113 collections have taken place (78% of these ‘for cause’) and this number is increasing week on week.


Due to government guidelines, we had to cease our in-person training sessions, where possible providing these online instead.

Over the coming weeks, as more UK businesses return to work, we will be resuming our training services – offering both online and in-person options.

For in-person training, every step will be taken to keep employees and participants safe during the training. Participants will need to maintain a 2 meter distance and a safety pack will be issued to every participant, which includes the relevant PPE and guidance on how to remain safe and secure. We’ll be in touch with more information on this over the coming weeks.


Both our toxicology and pathology laboratories remainfully operational. In line with government guidelines, we have taken the necessary steps to reduce the number of staff in our laboratories at any one time and have marked out designated working spaces to meet the 2 meter social distancing criteria. For more information on the tests we provide click here.


Our dedicated and attentive Customer Services team continue to support customers both from home and in our offices, again adhering to government guidelines.

To speak to the team, please continue to email [email protected] or you can now call us on 01873 856688.

Whether your business has continued to work at full capacity during lockdown, or is undergoing a gradual return over the coming weeks/months, our team is ready and able to support you with your workplace drug and alcohol testing needs. To discuss these, please contact our team.

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